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Our List of Services

UAFFP works collaboratively with clients to meet any and all needs. By deploying a motivated and talented pool of workers who have been vetted and trained to perform a variety of services. UAFFP is able to rapidly implement work projects and provide staffing solutions to partners.

UAFFP offers both fire prevention and fire suppression services. We will undertake the services needed to actively prevent wildfires, and in the case that they break out, UAFFP can be trusted to actively work to extinguish them. We prevent wildfires from happening. We handle them as they occur, and we can manage any post-fire damages.

Our flexible 10-20 person work crews perform a variety of services:



  • Fuels Reduction           

  • Defensible Space Projects

  • Tree Removal 

  • Weed Abatement

  • Lot clearing

  • Highway maintenance​

  • Snow removal

  • Tree maintenance

  • Tree climbing

  • Rubbish removal

UAFFP deploys self-contained crew for your fire prevention and suppression projects for private homeowners or wildfire needs. To be deployed on site contact us at: (818) 577-6586

Our Recent Projects 

Sneak peak into what we've worked on in the past. 









Land Abatement Notice
To help assess your needs and avoid fines and charges by the country. UAFFP does this work safely and cost effectively to prepare your home for fire season.

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